Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why Choose A Healthy Hair Straightener

Hair Straightening Solution

The leading question among those who are considering many different options for straightening their hair is “why should I choose a healthy hair straightener such as Argil Therapy (more commonly known as amino acid hair treatment)”? There are many misconceptions floating around about the effectiveness and benefits of Argil Therapy's natural amino acid hair straightening treatment. To help you understand how these hair treatments could benefit your hair, here are just a few of the many reasons why you should use a healthy hair straightener.
natural hair straightening
Natural Hair Straightening

Organic and Natural Ingredients

Traditional hair straightening treatments and products contain a wide variety of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals often used to straighten hair can have a negative effect on the health of one’s hair after repeated use. In fact, such chemicals have been known to kill, thin, and dry out hair over time. Amino acid treatments on the other hand only contain ingredients that are natural and beneficial to hair health. In opposition to other treatments, amino acid hair treatments result in healthier, fuller, glossier hair.

Ease of Use

Argil Therapy's amino acid hair straightening treatments are much easier to work with than traditional hair straightening products. These treatments allow one to wash their hair the same day and see the results, unlike most keratin treatments that require to wait 3 to 4 days to wash hair. Also, since amino acid treatments are natural, they are useable for those who have dyed or colored hair, and can be used on children and pregnant women (Seek Physician Advice).

Superior Results

natural keratin treatment
Natural hair straighteners go farther than simply straightening ones hair; they also work to nourish and hydrate hair. This leaves individuals who undergo these treatments with frizz-free hair that is soft, silky, and smooth without having to worry about hair dryness, hair loss, and breakage.
Argil Therapy allows individuals to achieve the straight frizz-free hair look they desire, without having to deal with any harsh and hazardous chemicals. This makes amino acid hair straightening treatments a healthier and improved option over other chemical hair straightening treatments. Contact Argil Therapy to find out more about the many benefits of their natural hair straightening treatments.

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