Friday, March 28, 2014

Salon Services Every Salon Should Have

Natural Hair Straightening

If you own a salon then you know how important it is to not only provide a great hair style but to know what your customers want when it comes to the type of products being put on their hair. Natural hair products have never been more popular and for good reason; people want products that are good for them and aren't full of chemicals. This is why when it comes to salon services every salon should have a natural keratin treatment such as Argil Therapy.
keratin treatmentThere are quite a few differences in traditional keratin treatments and Argil Therapy. For one, Argil Therapy is all-natural. Regular keratin hair treatments are often based on chemicals that are harsh and unhealthy. A few of these chemicals include formaldehyde, which is a preservative that can cause eye irritation, breathing problems and even nosebleeds. Some keratin treatments contain up to 12% of this toxic chemical. Argil Therapy is not only free of any chemicals, it's actually good for your hair. This is because it contains natural hair components such as amino acids and the power of clays. Both help heal the scalp and skin and can even help with hair growth and the health of your hair.

A Healthier Hair Straightening Treatment

Argil Therapy is much safer for hair and does not release those harsh fumes that come from most
keratin treatments. They are so safe that children and pregnant women can use them (Seek Physician advice). Argil Therapy protects hair from day-to-day damages such as sun and humidity. The hair treatment is washed the same day and lasts 3 to 6 months. There are no Do's and Don'ts like most keratin hair treatments that says Don't wash hair for 2 or 3 days or make sure you Don't wet your hair. Argil Therapy has only Do's such as do enjoy your treated hair without being greasy for days or having the need to run to a blow dryer and flat iron when hair gets wet. Do enjoy having a healthy hair treatment without risking health hazards. And Do enjoy your straightened, smoothed, and protected hair with no frizz.
hair salon keratin treatment
Hair Salon Using Argil Therapy
By having Argil Therapy in your salon you can offer your clients even more than just a good hairstyle; you get to offer them something they can't get at most salons or spas - a natural and healthy way of straightening their hair.
If you want to learn more about a natural keratin treatment or wish to place an order for your salon simply contact and a representative will assist you.

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