Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beauty and the Frizz: Taking the Mystery Out of Keratin Treatments

Beauty and Frizz don't have to go hand in hand because with a natural keratin treatment you can have sexy, straight hair and still have beautiful, natural hair as well. With so many keratin hair treatments out there, it is always a mystery to find out which is the best for your hair. First, we have to start with the basics. What is Keratin and why does hair need more of it?

Why is Keratin in Hair

Frizzy Hair
Keratin is an element that is already found in our nails and hair. What is surprising is that our hair is actually made up of up to 95% keratin. You may be wondering that if your hair already has keratin as its main component, why do you need more in order to get that straight, sleek look. What happens is that our hair is damaged on a day-to-day basis and then the keratin we have is depleted. This can happen from styling tools, chemical treatments such as color or highlights, or even environmental issues like the sun and humidity. Hair with low keratin can be frizzy, dry, unhealthy and hard to manage.
While you can use any keratin treatment for your frizzy hair, the natural way to remove frizz and straighten hair is best because you won't have to worry about toxic fumes or harmful chemicals that are found in most keratin hair treatments. Many keratin treatments use all of the things you don't want in your hair such as formaldehyde, thio, sodium hydroxide and lye. These chemicals have been used in hair straightening products for centuries until Jean De Perle Paris Cosmetics developed Argil Therapy.
Natural Keratin Treatment
Natural Keratin Treatment

Natural Keratin Treatment

Argil Therapy is a revolutionary hair treatment that is all-natural and only contains healthy, helpful ingredients. You'll find ingredients such as amino acids, keratin, silicones, and clay both help your skin, hair and scalp from frizzy and dry hair.
To take care of that dry, frizzy hair, Argil Therapy's natural keratin treatment bonds to your hair's natural keratin, creating a look that is sleek and smooth and most importantly, without frizz. When the hair is flat-ironed after using Argil Therapy, the natural ingredients gives your hair protection, shine and smooth texture.
There are many keratin treatments that offer to straighten hair and remove frizz however at what cost? If you want to learn more about how a natural keratin treatment such as Argil Therapy, can make your hair not only look good but be healthier as well, simply contact us or visit our website and you will understand the reasons why a natural hair straightening can benefit your hair.

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