Thursday, December 26, 2013

Keratin Treatment Awareness and What You Should Know About Argil Therapy

It's a fact that straight hair or at the very least, sleek, polished looking hair is "in" right now. Because most of us aren't born with perfect looking hair many people turn to Keratin treatments. However, there are a few things you should know before you have your hair straightened professionally with a keratin hair treatment.
Here are some tips on Keratin treatment awareness and what you should know before you have your hair done.
  • Chemicals. Many Keratin straightening treatments use chemicals that aren't good for you. Lye, formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide and thio. All of these components are not only unnatural but can be harmful. For a healthier hair treatment that does not contain chemicals there is Argil Therapy which uses amino acids and clay. With Argil Therapy you're not only getting a natural treatment but it's actually good for your hair.
  • Fumes. The fumes that many Keratin treatments give off are irritants to many people. They burn the nose and eyes which is why hair professionals use masks for their clients. With Argil Therapy not only are you getting natural elements for your hair but you won't smell the harsh fumes that can burn your eyes, nose and lungs.
  • Usage. Since many Keratin hair treatments have harmful chemicals, they cannot be used on every person. By using a natural keratin treatment such as Argil Therapy, anyone can have their hair done including those that are pregnant and even children (Seek Physician Advice).

Amino Acid Hair Straightening

Argil Therapy works with ingredients that help your skin, hair and scalp. It includes amino acids and Argil clay (white and green clays) to treat your hair. The amino acids help the texture of your hair and helps promote hair growth. The clay that is used is a natural mineral used for centuries and has therapeutic virtues that make your scalp and hair healthier.
Why use a hair straightening treatment that has a harmful chemical when you can use something that works better without the fumes, toxicity, and health hazards? If you want to learn more about Argil Therapy or to place an order just contact us at

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