Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Non Formaldehyde Keratin Treatment That Straightens Hair Naturally

If you run a hair salon then you know how important it is to give your customers the best products available. Why expose them to toxic fumes when there is a non formaldehyde keratin treatment that straightens hair naturally? Argil Therapy is an amino acid hair treatment that is organic and doesn't contain harsh chemicals.
Most Keratin hair treatments contain formaldehyde. This is commonly used to alter the structure of the hair but it is a toxic chemical than can cause irritation, nosebleeds and respiratory irritation. According to an article in Oprah Magazine:
"The Environmental Protection Agency and federal OSHA classify formaldehyde as a suspected human carcinogen because of its links to nasal cancer and leukemia; the International Agency for Research on Cancer considers it a known human carcinogen."
However, for those that want silky, sleek and smooth hair, there is an alternative. Argil Therapy uses white clay and amino acids to straighten the hair organically. In fact, white clay has healing properties that make it ideal to use on the hair and scalp. Not only does Argil Therapy not use formaldehyde, it is also free ofsodium hydroxide, thio, and lye. The amino acids are naturally occurring vitamins that are essential to hair health.
Argil Therapy healthy for the hair. It comes with other benefits as well  such as a neutral pH, which makes it idea for any type of hair. Even pregnant women can use it as well as children. 
If you're ready to give your clients beautiful, straight hair without harsh and toxic chemicals, then contact us and we can answer any questions you may have about our natural keratin treatment.

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