Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Chemical Free Keratin Treatment That is Good for Your Hair

Many Keratin treatments have irritants, synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients. With toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, thio, or lye, finding a true organic Keratin treatment can get overwhelming. Finally, you can get a chemical free Keratin treatment that makes your hair straight and frizz-free without worrying about being exposed to ingredients that are unnatural or even harmful.
Argil Therapy only uses natural ingredients such as white clay, amino acids, and omega 3.
With Argil Therapy you know you are getting the best natural ingredients that not only are safe for your hair but good for it as well. In fact, white clay has been used for centuries because of its healing properties and has been used for many years in cosmetology. White clay is found along the Amazon River and contains kaolinite-rich silicon and aluminum. Both of these ingredients helps heal the hair and scalp and because of the neutral PH, it can be used on children and even pregnant women. The rest of the natural ingredients include amino acids such as L-Cysteine, which is classified as a vitamin, coconut oil, Vitamin E, and omega 3, which adds elasticity, luster and sheen to the hair. All of the ingredients combine to give you results that not only last for months but is safe for your hair, scalp and skin.
If you want the best looking hair with ingredients you can trust, then Argil Therapy is the only choice. 
If you are interested in learning more about our products or want to know more about our organic ingredients, simply contact us.

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